roduct introduction
Self-developed Horizontal Multi-joint SCARA Robot
For the first time, Risong Technology's RSL series SCARA robot is provided with an all-aluminum arm structure. With its aesthetic appearance, the robot has good overall coordination and meets the mechanical strength required for design.
Risong has its own understanding and design concept on the structure of each joint of the robot. Modularizing each joint and the whole machine not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures product quality and lays a foundation for subsequent product maintenance.
In terms of performance indicators, the robot has low motion noise and low vibration. In terms of accuracy and running speed, it has been equally matched with the advanced standard robots in the industry. While in operation together with a high-precision visual inspection and alignment system, it reflects high efficiency, high stability, fast running speed, and high repositioning accuracy, and is suitable for high-speed and high-precision production systems.
Easy operation: The intuitive interface enables a quick start for the operator.
High accuracy: The X-Y synthetic repositioning accuracy can reach ±0.02 mm.
Applicability: The robot supports multiple grippers, with better bearing capacity and allowable inertia.
Space saving: The integration of drive and control, with the visual control module included particularly, makes the function expandable and easier to operate.
Full automation: No manual intervention is required in the process from loading and blanking to finishing.
Adaptability to complex processes: stacking, detection, identification, dispensing, baking and cooling of various materials
Maximized production efficiency:
Appropriate acceleration and deceleration are automatically adjusted according to the posture of the arm to ensure smooth motions, thus reducing the load brought by each movement to the workpiece holding part and ensuring reliability in motion execution.
Space saving:
The integration of the robot body and the TV cabinet reduces the space occupied by the electric control cabinet in the main control cabinet, so as to make the most of the space.