Digital Twin Industrial Internet Platform——EAXY IIP
EAXY IIP digital twin industrial Internet platform, with independent intellectual property right, is developed by FISCAXIA Industrial Software, a Risong Technology subsidiary. It integrates data visualization, digital twin, Internet of Things, machine learning, and big data analysis technologies to provide services including production management, quality management, equipment collection, resource management, visual decision analysis, and collaborative supply.

Relying on data presentation with core focus on production data, it lines up and visualizes the factory, workshop, production line, and equipment in the production chain by levels. It also integrates the data and information among process nodes, so as to implement comprehensive supervision and overall analysis of the production process, thus constructing a new model of industrial Internet and intelligent factory.
3D Visualization System——EAXY 3D Portal

EAXY 3D Portal is a 3D digital platform independently developed by FISCAXIA Industrial Software and it is applicable to industrial parks, factories and production lines. It provides a 1:1 restoration of the factory digital twin scenario through point cloud technology. Based on the factory digital twin, it serves the enterprise users in the following typical scenarios:

The technology package of FISCAXIA virtual reality perfectly converts 3D design to virtual reality in real time at a ratio of 1:1.
High Efficiency
Applying VR to new production lines (currently digital models only) will enable faster training of operators, workers, and maintenance personnel and reduce line installation time. The workers will arrive at the new production line with layout and production work already in their minds, so that the efficiency will be improved.
With VR vision directly connected to CAD, a simulation of the finished production line will be provided before the product or production line is built, and every change will be reflected in the 3D design model. Immersive visualization and natural interaction will provide more new perspective about the product or new production line, thus contributing more creative solutions and unique ideas.

It is an AR intelligent patrol system specially developed by FISCAXIA for factories or production lines. With AR glasses and wireless transmission technology, it can be used for visual patrol, automatic display of equipment operation status, operation parameters and alarm information, automatic designation of work orders in case of faults, paperless maintenance operation guidance, and remote expert diagnosis to help front-line personnel to deal with problems in a timely manner.

The client is integrated into the AR glasses and is the core of intelligence used by patrol inspectors. It supports the functions including patrol, photographing, video recording, voice recognition, code scanning, remote assistance, emergency call, knowledge base, etc. It will eliminate negligence in inspection. Instruction video or picture can be set for each inspection item. The inspector may also access drawings and data at any time. It will shorten the training cycle of new employees and make the enterprise develop faster and safer.
AR Live Patrol
It will automatically identify the equipment involved in the patrol task and enable the users to view the equipment status information in real time. The voice interaction allows replacing physical visit by visual inspection.
Maintenance Knowledge Base
It can be used for fault cause analysis and troubleshooting, as well as equipment operation manual and configuration instructions, etc., all visually illustrating the maintenance process with graphics.
AR Remote Guidance
The remote expert client is provided with a circle and point marking system. With a mobile phone or PC connected to the glasses in real time, the user can visually check the site condition.

The online measurement IOT system is the digital software developed by FISCAXIA Industrial Software through communication and cooperation with major automobile OEMs and based on its own technical accumulation and foundation. It serves for collection, uploading, storage, analysis, and presentation of real-time measurement data on factory site. Through big data analysis of measurement data, the statistical analysis of data and the correlation between data are presented with intuitive charts, thus helping production managers to yield better plans, optimization, and decisions on the production and manufacturing process, further improving the product quality.

The online measurement IoT system is suitable for factories or workshops and other scenarios with a large amount of sample data to be processed, analyzed and displayed, like the body quality inspection data and three-coordinate measurement data of automobile OEMs, as well as application systems or scenarios such as visual acquisition systems, three-coordinate measurement systems, and IOT systems that generate a large amount of sample data.

With the production monitoring system, production managers will have a real-time and comprehensive understanding of information about the production system, such as overall equipment efficiency (OEE), energy consumption, real-time operation status and maintenance of equipment, without visiting the factory in person. It will improve the enterprise management and enable continuous, stable and efficient production.

This system is suitable for enterprises that want to "lower the cost and improve the efficiency", "supervise the whole production process", "improve the yield", "improve overall equipment efficiency", "lower the energy consumption and improve the efficiency" and so on.

Technical Features