Robot bodies and intelligent control technology developed independently by Risong are applied to intelligent production in industries including communication electronics, precision electronics (3C industry), and semiconductors. Risong has developed products and solutions such as a flexible automatic assembly line with intelligent robots, an intelligent flexible plug-in system for special-shaped electronic components, an intelligent dynamic magnetic levitation conveying system ActiveMover, a flexible automatic assembly line for semiconductors with post-packaging intelligent robots, and injection molding assembly line for embedded metal parts.
Typical Product Case
One-stop Full-automatic Flexible Intelligent Production Line for Stacked IC
The production line consists of 4 single-robot workstations, which realize the stacking and production of ICs by integrating functions such as visual inspection and alignment, automatic jig assembly, automatic PCB loading, automatic dispensing, automatic mounting of chips and other auxiliary materials. The modular flexible line is designed to carry out corresponding operations by adding or reducing workstations depending on different processes. The high-precision SCARA robot is applied whilst the high-precision visual inspection and alignment system is in operation, guaranteeing high efficiency and accuracy of up to ±0.02mm, as well as high assembly stability, meeting customers' demand to switch among the modes for various products.
Project Cases