Machine Vision Technology

AI Industrial Machine Vision Core Application Algorithms

Core Platform | Artificial Intelligence Development Engine
——A Deep Learning Training Platform Based on Industrial Automation Machine Vision
RSAI is an intelligent industrial vision platform software based on deep learning, integrating annotation, training, and model tuning. It is used to solve problems such as complex defect localization, detection, and classification. It is particularly good at various complex application scenarios of factory automation with multiple varieties, small batches, and small sample data, and has strong compatibility.
Core technology:
· Support multiple defect types and adapt to multiple products
· Self study habits that can be continuously improved iteratively
· Small Sample Training and Model Cutting
· No programming required, reducing integration difficulty
· Rapid deployment, greatly reducing time
· Strong adaptability and fast product migration ability

Core Platform | Artificial Intelligence Digital Convergence Brain
——IOT Platform Based on Industrial Automation Machine Vision
The IOT platform based on industrial automation machine vision performs application deployment according to business scenarios, achieving a closed loop of edge training, edge deployment, and big data platform improvement and improvement.
According to the requirements of industrial computing, provide real-time and on-site testing, and complete real-time application computing services, such as defect detection, single station quality prediction, etc.
Provide customers with IOT basic services and algorithm optimization platforms, achieve terminal device connectivity, and provide AI microservice interfaces such as multi station quality AI prediction and trend analysis.
Build an underlying platform for data storage, computing, prediction and analysis based on big data technology.