Intelligent welding technology
Intelligent welding refers to the adaptive welding of products based on the welding process expert system and combined with a variety of welding sensor, automation and robot technologies. The intelligent control of welding process is realized based on artificial intelligence technology and sensor technology, which greatly improves the stability of welding quality and process reliability and saves costs.
Self-organization - according to the feedback of expert system and visual system, realize the planning of welding track and parameters.
Self-sensing - use arc sensing, visual sensing and spectral sensing technology to extract various types of parameter information in the welding process.
Self-adaptation - according to fuzzy control, expert control and other algorithms, combined with welding model, realize the adaptation of welding trajectory and parameters.
Self-adjustment - based on the feedback information of welding sensor, real-time adjustment of welding parameters and trajectory can achieve reliable welding.
Laser welding technology
As a new efficient and high-precision welding method, laser welding has the advantages of high aspect ratio, narrow heat affected zone, small deformation, high efficiency, and strong adaptability due to its high power density. It can achieve spot welding, butt welding, and lap welding of precision parts. Robotic laser welding technology plays an advanced, fast and flexible processing feature of robots in industrial production. Combined with various laser welding process methods, it has been widely used in automobile, new energy and other industries.
Core technology and key parts of friction stir welding
In the process of equipment research and development, Ruisong Technology carried out research and development of core technologies and key components such as mixing head, electric spindle, force-position hybrid control, welding process, real-time process control, tooling fixture, and mastered the integration technology of intelligent friction stir welding system.