Digital Twin Technology
Through the automatic feedback of the teaching results of the real machine to the virtual coordinate system for calibration, the matching between the offline program and the actual system is improved, and higher accuracy and efficiency are achieved.

Robot virtual simulation technology is used to perform production feasibility analysis in the virtual environment of the computer. Before starting production, 3D modeling is used to simulate the virtual environment that is consistent with reality. For potential problems, multiple scenarios are analyzed and tested to reduce the risk of real machine commissioning. Through the simulation of production process, it can also ensure that the best manufacturing process is selected from all possible candidates;

Compared with online teaching, the robot offline programming application technology can realize the coordinated teaching of multiple robots and auxiliary peripheral devices, realize the automatic planning based on sensors, calculate the virtual beat and track that are the same as the actual ones by connecting the robot scheduling system, and automatically input the executable program, thus greatly reducing the risk of linkage debugging and reducing the on-site debugging time by more than 30%.
Digital virtual debugging technology
Digital virtual debugging technology covers the functional modules of the whole process, and builds a bridge between research and development, technology and production. With wide functional coverage and modular features, it can not only meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for robot programming, but also provide the overall digital factory solution for large enterprises, helping to make China 2025.

Digital Chemical Plant for Industry 4.0
Product function:
Simulation off-line programming and virtual debugging of robot and NC equipment
Related parameters:
Rich data interfaces:
Layout:AML, PLM, XML.
Engineering data:PMI (JT)
Abundant resource base, rapid creation of solution digital models: robots of various brands, logistics equipment, peripherals, external axes, positioner, human-machine models, etc.
Professional technology packages developed for different applications: spot welding, rolling, arc welding, laser cutting, edge sealing, gluing, spraying, riveting, etc.
Customizability, flexible function development: API, CLI extension customization, Python.