Guangzhou Risong Hokuto Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies in China to provide intelligent solutions for automotive equipment, and is also the largest R&D manufacturer of automotive intelligent equipment and technology in China. It provides overall turnkey engineering services for automotive manufacturing, including preliminary process solution analysis, whole-line planning, design, manufacturing, commissioning and installation. It has been serving well-known automobile enterprises such as GAC Group, Changan Group, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, GAC Motor, Geely Auto, GAC Aion, BYD, Xpeng Motors, Hycan, Leapmotor, and EEZI for a long time.
Based on the nearly 50 years of technical foundation of Hokuto from Japan, Risong Hokuto has accumulated a large number of innovative technical achievements and proven project experience in the field of automobile intelligent manufacturing, and has comprehensive capabilities covering process flow planning, whole-line layout, style formulation, 3D design, 3D dynamic simulation, drawing design and offline program output.
● Risong Hokuto is the core supplier of Toyota's first overseas factory of the latest TNGA platform, and has helped GAC Toyota become one of Toyota's global model factories;
● With Risong Hokuto's capacity, for the first time, the independent brand GAC MOTOR has realized unmanned production of the whole production line, and its efficiency and intelligent flexibility of the production line have reached the world leading;
● Risong Hokuto provides the self-owned brand GAC NEV with technical support for its production of lightweight aluminum body for the first time, successfully breaking the technical blockade of international giants in this field;
● The four-door and two-cover assembly line provided for Mazda Automobile is the first flexible intelligent door assembly and commissioning line independently developed and mass-produced in China. It sets a model of international advancement.
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By applying Risong Technology in the production lines of motorcycles and electric vehicles, the robotic welding system, welding fixtures and checking fixtures are integrated to weld and assemble the frame, fuel tank and muffler, and 100% full-position and full-angle welding is realized by using full-automatic polishing and grinding technology, full-automatic robotic seam welding, automatic flame brazing, and low spatter welding technology, which ensures less deformation and no need for manual correction, thus significantly reducing the cost. During the welding process, the acquisition, feedback and optimization of welding technical parameters can be achieved. The production line designed and built by Risong for a customer involves an independently designed three-axis large slewing diameter mechanism, with robots applied in the welding of motorcycle and electric vehicle frames, which improves the stability, accuracy and welding quality of the welding process. In addition, Risong applies the remelting process to the welding of high-strength and lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys, which is leading in the industry.
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The construction machinery industry is an important industry vigorously developing on a substantial scale in China. Risong provides automatic production lines and overall solutions covering tower cranes, excavators, pump trucks and other engineering equipment in the engineering machinery industry. Risong has developed an automatic locating and welding system, a multi-layer and multi-pass welding system, an automatic cutting system, a heavy-duty all-round welding transposition system, a flexible chain turning system, RGV logistics automatic handling equipment, an intelligent lifting logistics system, an intelligent warehousing system, etc. By applying the automatic locating and welding system to a customer's existing production process, Risong optimizes this process and realizes automatic welding. The intelligent warehouse management system developed by Risong aims to uniformly manage and accurately distribute the products manufactured on site, and accurately trace the product information. It reflects Risong's ability to provide overall solutions in the construction machinery industry as well as its developing and innovating strength in this industry.
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Robot bodies and intelligent control technology developed independently by Risong are applied to intelligent production in industries including communication electronics, precision electronics (3C industry), and semiconductors. Risong has developed products and solutions such as a flexible automatic assembly line with intelligent robots, an intelligent flexible plug-in system for special-shaped electronic components, an intelligent dynamic magnetic levitation conveying system ActiveMover, a flexible automatic assembly line for semiconductors with post-packaging intelligent robots, and injection molding assembly line for embedded metal parts.
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Risong's elevator manufacturing automation solutions provide automatic production lines for the elevator manufacturing industry, such as production lines for wallboards, roofs, floors, underframes, door jamb pillars, door panels, door jambs, door heads, and pillars, involving the application of 17 categories of elevator components. In total, Risong has delivered more than 100 sets of equipment to customers in the industry, and owns 31 related patents in the elevator industry. It maintains a professional design team with mature experience in the elevator industry.
Risong has mastered key technologies such as automatic conveying and locating, automatic riveting, automatic loading, automatic grabbing of workpieces, automatic detection of workpiece specifications and positions, and automatic loading and packaging of paper in the elevator production process. From sheet metal to product packaging, the whole elevator laminate production process has become unmanned, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality.
Specifically, according to the production process features of elevator workpieces, Risong has developed new riveting processes related to blind riveting, pull riveting, rivetless riveting and self-piercing riveting, etc., optimized the existing processes of customers, and applied the full-automatic gluing system to elevator production, realizing the automation of gluing. Risong adopts modular design, such as painting components, screwing components, arc welding components, and spot welding components, for customers' choice of corresponding technical modules according to different process requirements, which allows high openness and combination of modules to build different elevator production systems catering to specific requirements. Risong is one of the first enterprises in the elevator industry to transform and upgrade the traditional production line with robots, reflecting its overall solution ability and its strength in continuous technology development and innovation.
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Other Industries
Risong Technology's products and services also cover a wide range of industries such as rail transit, marine engineering, aerospace, ships, and household appliances, providing intelligent flexible production lines for key enterprises such as Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited, Sinopec, Guangdong Ocean University, Guangdong Canbo Electrical Co., Ltd., Gree, and Midea.
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