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Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Risong Technology") is a high-tech enterprise engaged with R&D, design, manufacturing, application and sales of robot, industrial software, and intelligent manufacturing. It provides customers with flexible, automated and intelligent system solutions. In 2020, Risong Technology was successfully listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (with the stock name of Risong Technology and the stock code of 688090).

Adhering to the philosophy of "development driven by technology", Risong Technology has achieved a number of fruitful results in core technologies through independent R&D for its business in robots, industrial software, key components, system integration, process solutions, and industrial services. It serves high-end manufacturing users at home and abroad. Up to now, it has provided tens of thousands of robot intelligent equipment sets for the manufacturing industry and undertaken nearly 1,000 sets of automated robot production lines and system solutions used for welding, assembly, laser processing, testing, handling, and painting. It serves customers from a variety of sectors such as automotive industry, computer, communication and consumer electronics, rail transit, aerospace, marine engineering, mechanical heavy industry, elevator manufacturing, and shipbuilding.
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Corporate Culture
  • Core Values
    Cohesion,Responsibility and Innovation.
  • Corporate Mission
    Integrating into the global digitalization and Driving the intelligent manufacturing industry.
  • Development Vision
    To be a leading enterprise of robotics and intelligent manufacturing.
Strategic Orientation
The Lighthouse Works
  • Technology Leadership
    Build a 3×3 technology research and development system, sort out the internal logical relationship by layers and make technological breakthroughs. Through the three technical paths of independent R&D, technology introduction and industry-university-research cooperation, plot the technology roadmap for intelligent manufacturing with focuses on the four major business sectors and carry out technology R&D and innovation.
  • Marketing Transformation
    Create a new pattern and build a new marketing management platform with the new channels and new modes. Yield increments with original stock, expanding new market areas while developing new application scenarios. During this process, work for strategic transformation and extend customer value.
  • Competitive Cost
    Promote the standard large-scale businesses based on platforms and with high values, thus enhancing the cost competitive advantage, the strategic management of supply chain, the level of cost control management and improving the internal management system and the degree of standardization. Promote informatization.
  • Digital Drive
    Make good use of the parallel drives of digitalization and intelligentization through the "three-step" digital transformation path. Digital transformation refers to internal informatization construction and industrial digital transformation of the enterprise. It is to develop the core competencies to deliver digital solutions and demonstration works to customers.
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