Integrated Control Technology for Automation Systems
This technology integrates servo motion control, bus valve island, intelligent identification, RFID, sensor and other units. Through the upper control system, PLC, distributed remote I/O processing, PC remote control, drive and control integration modularization, multi-station synchronous monitoring and other technologies, it constructs a one-stop operation platform and systematic control scheme to realize digital production.

This technology has practical application cases in the automobile, motorcycle, elevator and 3C electronic industries of Ruisong Technology, which has solved the control difficulties of welding, assembly and other processes in the production process. The system is easy to maintain, reduces costs and improves the production efficiency of the system.

Based on standardized modular design technology
Based on the standardized modular design technology of different industries and processes, according to the structure and process requirements of the equipment system, the modular design function module has been independently developed, and the design standards have been unified and standardized, realizing the highly integrated and intelligent industrial control. The function module includes standard part library, standard drawing library, standard program library and logic function block. It realizes real ready-to-use in the scheme design and system application, greatly shortens the supply cycle, and improves the standardization integration and reliability of the equipment.