FISCAXIA's 3D Design Software——EAXY Design
EAXY Design is set of powerful, handy and affordable software tools developed by FISCAXIA Industrial Software for product engineers. It covers all aspects of the product R&D process, including 2D and 3D integrated product design, simulation, manufacturing, data management, etc.

EAXY Design exclusively integrates sequential modeling, synchronous modeling, convergence modeling and subdivision modeling into one pack, and supports forward and reversal design, mechatronics design and industrial modeling design at the same time. It is a rare product R&D assistant for engineers.

For Collaborative Design in Medium and Small Teams——EAXY Chain
FISCAXIA de-platform collaborative design is an efficient and convenient new function perfectly suitable for collaborative design among teams. It allows multi-person collaboration during the design process.
Create Project
The project sponsor can create a collaborative project in just a few simple steps.
Edit Collaborative File
After the collaborative project is created, the members of the project team can access the collaborative folder set by the creator, and may modify the files in the folder or add new files to it.
Synchronize Design Files
The operations of each member are independent of each other. The source project file will be overwritten only after the modification is completed and submitted. When a new file is submitted, members of the team will receive an update notification. They only need to click "Sync" to get the latest design file.

FISCAXIA Cloud Part——EAXY Part
It is an innovative and intuitive way to organize and manage standard part information, just like "Taobao in Industry". It provides small and medium-sized standard part suppliers with a platform for product sales for free. It assists the enterprises in optimizing their manufacturing strategies in the most convenient way, thus reducing their costs and increasing their efficiency, and further facilitating the product development of the enterprises.
Small and Medium-sized Part Manufacturers
Update the product information anytime and anywhere by one click. Manage customer information independently as Taobao merchants. Expand marketing channels with one-time investment for worry-free service.
Manufacturing and Purchase Departments
Get to know the trend of the part market in real time according to the products, quickly locate the bottleneck links of product manufacturing, and adjust the manufacturing strategy accordingly. Reduce costs and release working capital. Integrate the supply chain in the region to reduce the pressure on delivery time and quality.
Robot Offline Programming and Digital Twin Debugging System——RobDTS