The construction machinery industry is an important industry vigorously developing on a substantial scale in China. Risong provides automatic production lines and overall solutions covering tower cranes, excavators, pump trucks and other engineering equipment in the engineering machinery industry. Risong has developed an automatic locating and welding system, a multi-layer and multi-pass welding system, an automatic cutting system, a heavy-duty all-round welding transposition system, a flexible chain turning system, RGV logistics automatic handling equipment, an intelligent lifting logistics system, an intelligent warehousing system, etc. By applying the automatic locating and welding system to a customer's existing production process, Risong optimizes this process and realizes automatic welding. The intelligent warehouse management system developed by Risong aims to uniformly manage and accurately distribute the products manufactured on site, and accurately trace the product information. It reflects Risong's ability to provide overall solutions in the construction machinery industry as well as its developing and innovating strength in this industry.
Typical Case
The First Automatic Second-level Welding Production Line for Automotive Brake Shoes in China
By flexibly integrating the ultra-low spatter welding machine, arc welding workstation, welding tooling, fixtures, conveying lines, etc., the automatic brake shoe welding production line, featuring such advantages as rapidity, flexibility and simple operation, involves self-developed intelligent welding technology, low spatter welding technology and robot motion simulation technology, and includes multiple processes such as welding, cooling, shaping, machining and quenching. It is the first automatic second-level welding production line for automotive brake shoes in China.
Project Cases