roduct introduction
Critical technical parameters of semiconductor equipment:
An intelligent robot flexible automatic assembly line is a one-stop production line composed of 4 standalone flexible robot workstations and the conveyer. This assembly line is used for full-automatic stacking and production of ICs by integrating functions such as vision detection and alignment, automatic jig disassembly and assembly, automatic PCB loading and assembly, automatic dispensing, and automatic bonding of chips and other auxiliary materials.
Ø High accuracy: An assembly accurate to micron is required for all raw materials. 
Ø Full automation: No manual intervention is required in the process from loading to finishing. 
Ø Adaptibility to complex processes: stacking, detection, identification, dispensing, baking and cooling of materials
Ø Automatic switching and automatic initialization check of jigs 
Ø Graphic display and prompt of alarm for fault 
Ø Raw material detection and identification by advanced vision sensing technology, and positioning accuracy of up to ±0.02 m by SACRA robot 
Ø Modular flexible line design to allow adding and canceling of workstations for different product processes
Ø Combination of high-accuracy SCARA robot and high-precision vision detection & alignment system, featuring high efficiency and stability 
Ø Equipment control and informationized production management through communication between the upper computer and the lower computer